Three Tips For Realtors To Sell Your Listings Faster

To be a successful agent, you have two main goals:

  1. Sell your listings fast!
  2. Sell your listing for as close to asking price as possible!

Unfortunately there is NO magic potion or difficult 20-step program to achieve this success.  Follow these three simple tips and watch your listings and referrals increase!

  • Beautify your listing / home by de-cluttering and cleaning!

When a potential homebuyer visits a listing, they are imagining themselves living there.  This starts with the curb appeal of the house, so make sure the yard is tidy, the exterior of the home is welcoming, and the driveway is power washed.  When cleaning the interior, make sure the house seems as large as possible by removing clutter.  Homebuyers do not want to see mail, photos, or knick knacks busying up the house.  Once again, homebuyers are envisioning themselves living there.  To this point, also make sure every room is spotless and nice-smelling. You don't want to lose a sale because the kitchen smells like cat-litter!

  •  Establish a Marketing Plan!

With over 90% of homebuyers viewing listings online, your digital presence is critical.  Go beyond just listing on Zillow.  Share your listings on social media, your personal blog, and through email marketing.  The more times a homebuyer is exposed to your listing, the better chance they will recall it and want to see the house in-person.

  • Use Professional Photography!

Over 80% of all homebuyers who view listings online say photography is the most useful feature in choosing which properties to view.  This means that if you aren't using attractive images, you could be losing out on views and sales. There is a reason agents who use professional photography on EVERY listing make double the average GCI. Using professional photography highlights the most marketable features of the home that makes buyers fall in love. This "LOVE" translates into faster sales and multiple-offer situations.  Professional real estate photography is the most powerful marketing tool you can use to sell your listings faster.  High quality images can have a tremendous impact on not only your brand but the experience your client has when working with you.


Is Drone Photography For Real Estate Legal?

You have likely heard a lot of buzz lately about aerial / drone photography for real estate.  There has been a lot of conflicting information presented about whether or not it is legal, and what risks you might be taking hiring an aerial photographer.

The Dallas Photographers are proud to be one of the few photography companies across the nation that now offers completely legal FAA compliant drone photography in all of our markets.  We have jumped through all of the legal hoops so that you don't have to.

DJI_0173 copy.jpg

Here are some things you need to know to make sure that you are not putting you or your clients at risk when taking your marketing to the skies.

Hobbyists can currently fly drones without any special certifications or exemptions from the FAA, but if the flight is for commercial purposes (as it is for real estate), the government requires that anyone flying must, among other things, abide by the following:

  • Must hold a valid 107 license from the FAA. This is a lengthy process that requires passing a grueling test.
  • Must fly in a two man team, if the drone at any time is out of view of the pilot, with one person as the pilot and another as a spotter.
  • In some cases the pilot must file a NOTAM with the FAA no earlier than 24 hours and not more then 48 hours before each flight. This includes information such as location duration, altitude and flight path of the flight.
  • Must be 16 years of age or older.
  • Must pass a background check.
  • Commercial drones must weigh less than 55 pounds.
  • Drones must fly lower then 400 feet from the launch point.
  • Drones can not go faster than 100 mph.

The Dallas Photographers works with only qualified pilots who meet and follow all of these criteria.  Our pilots have hundreds of flight hours and we make sure they are absolutely up to date on the FAA's current regulations so that we are not putting you or your clients at risk.  

Make sure that any photographer you consider hiring for that special property can also offer you at least three options for insurance. The Dallas Photographers will offer you $1M, $2.5M, $5M insurance policies and in some places up to $10M worth of insurance. We will also offer you one hour of coverage, 4 hours of coverage and up to 8 hours of coverage.

The Dallas Photographers Real Estate Photography Now Available in Waxahachie

The Dallas Photographers is one of the leading real estate photography providers in the Texas area. They will now begin servicing the beautiful Waxahachie, TX city, in 2018.

The Dallas Photographers couldn't be more excited to partner up with the really wonderful real estate agents in Waxahachie, Says Eric Scott, The Dallas Photographers founder and CEO. We have combined a fantastic team with world class cameras, drones (for aerial imagery), and software technology to ensure we can serve thousands of clients while maintaining our superior level of service across the board.

The Dallas Photographers is confident that we can add significant value to the way homes are currently marketed in the Ellis County area.

The Dallas Photographers are one of the fastest growing real estate photography companies in the great state of Texas.  Using artificially intelligent automated algorithms and the state of the art professional gear.


Why You Should Start Your Photography / Marketing Before Holiday Decorations Go Up

With 24x7 access to listings online, home buyers are constantly reviewing mobile real estate apps to view the latest listings. After all are YOU fully disconnected from your phone or tablet during the holidays? Neither are serious home buyers! Make sure your listing is updated with visually appealing images to grab the buyers attention.

Order Your Listing Photography Before Santa Comes To Town

Not everyone wants to see a Griswold inspired Christmas light display when shopping for a home. Shooting your listing before decorations go up ensures your photographs can be used after the holiday season. Plus it is a great way to show your sellers that you are on top of your game!


The Early Bird Gets the Worm With The Aggressive Market Here In Texas

With inventory set to stay fairly the same in mid-January, according to Jeff Cassell of Texas investment Realty - 817-469-1625. Strong numbers are actually here during the holidays. DFW population could be 20+ million by 25 years. And most agents will wait until the beginning of the year to start planning their listings. Getting your house photographed now allows you to get a head start on everyone else by listing earlier. Although there are fewer houses on the market now, there are motivated buyers out there with the Texas market as hot as it is.  Be the agent that starts the new year with a competitive advantage.

Give Your Current Listings A Makeover

If you go into the new year with a listing that has been on the market for months, buyers are going to assume something is wrong with it.  Before you drop the price, update your listing with professional photography by The Dallas Photographers.  Giving your listing a face-lift now will help you stand out during the slow season and might get you an offer beforethe New Year!