The Dallas Photographers Pre Shoot Checklist


  1. Turn on all lights, including fireplace if applicable
  2. Turn off all ceiling fans
  3. Minimize clutter in all rooms, on end tables, kitchen counter tops, bathroom counters, shelving, etc. This includes big frames, phones, clocks, etc.
  4. Remove small throw rugs / doormats / bathroom mats, large area rugs may remain in place
  5. Remove all small kitchen appliances. Make all countertops, even bathroom as clean and empty as possible.
  6. Please remove pets during the photo shoot unless they are extremely friendly to strangers. I have and will sometimes use pets as props on the beds.


  1. Remove yard signs (for sale signs, home security signs, school signs, etc.)
  2. Hide out of sight water hoses and other miscellaneous garden items.
  3. Remove any toys, cleaning supplies, recycling bins, miscellaneous items that are not directly related to the exterior area.
  4. Arrange outdoor furniture as you would like it photographed. Open any patio umbrella's if wind permits.
  5. Sweep / remove leaves and other items in patio areas if possible.
  6. Either the agent or the homeowner will be responsible for lighting candles and fireplace.
  7. Our photographers are not allowed to light these items due to insurance.

This is a standard checklist that you can share with your client / homeowner.

Eric Scott